Looking Sharp in a Suit!

There are so many suits out there, which suit is best for you.  There are 3 guidelines for finding the right suit for you.  First you must think what is the purpose of this suit and what do I want this suit to say about me. Then you must decide based on the first guideline, what color, fabric and pattern do I want.  Then finally what style of suit is it going to be.

MAN - LARDINI - MEN'S SUITS - Suits - AT YOOX.COMWhat do you want your suit to say about you.  Is this suit for weddings, special occasions, work, etc?  Are you looking for a suit that will make you look like a hundred bucks, one that makes you stick out in the crowd with a fancy suit, or maybe one that says I am important and mean business.  These are the types of question you first must ask yourself before looking for a suit.  For weddings I suggest staying classic yet sophisticated, to the left is an example of a simple 3 button black suit which is a very nice style suit.  This suit is a classic 3 button style with a new modern look to it. MAN - BOGLIOLI - MEN'S SUITS - Suits - AT YOOX.COMFor special occasions and work, depending on where you work and the dress code, I suggest a little more fashionable suit. 

Most likely if your reading this you are a fashionable guy or someone how wants to be more fashionable.  I would choose a more modern style that has the personality you are looking for.  This part is going to vary for each of us.  Some are looking to stand out in a crowd with a very top notch suit that screams, I’M FASHIONABLE. Some are going to want a suit that says, ” I am successful ”  and others will choose the  ” Check out my personality ” suit.

MAN - DOLCE & GABBANA - MEN'S SUITS - Suits - AT YOOX.COMBe bold in your decision, if it is a power suit, buy a  POWER SUIT, tell people you mean business before you open your mouth.  Let people know you have a sense of style.  In today’s world people judge and get a sense of character before you even say a word, so let your suit do the talking for you.

Now that you have determined the type of suit, next is the color, fabric and pattern. 

Color, fabric and pattern needs to match what image you are going for.  Black and grey suits are power suits. Blue, tans, browns and other colors are casual suits.  The fabric of the suit should also be considered for its use and the climate you are in.  Going with a lighter fabric like linen or cloth for those hot occasions.  Wool suits for colder climates.  You also can add character and strength to your suit with patterns such as stripes. 

With stripes you want to make sure the distance between the stripes aren’t too narrow or too wide.  A good width between stripes is quarter inch to half inch.  Also the color of the stripes can used to show boldness and confidence, white stripes stand out more than gray stripes.  You also have to consider that stripes on a suit make a man appear taller and skinner.

With all of these factors in mind you need to now pick the style of the suit.  Single breasted, double breasted, 2 button or 3 button, etc.  MAN - RAY & GUY - MEN'S SUITS - Suits - AT YOOX.COM

Double breasted is more of a classic look, used more for formal occasions.  Single breasted is the new style these days for the more stylish look.  Buttons depend on the length and style of the jacket.  Both 2 button and 3 button suits are fashionable right now.

You can start to determine your style after you have decided on the first two decisions, use and color.  Choose a style that fits your personality.  Remember, this suit tells people a lot about you so make it say what you want it to.

Take your measurements, find out the size of suits that you want to buy.  You can go to any Men’s Warehouse and get measured for a suit.  Then you can start looking online to find a suit that is going to need minimal tailoring.  While you are there try on a few different styles to see which style look good on you.  Not all styles work for some body types.  Find one that fits you.

As we all know shopping online can save us hundreds of dollars, especially when you are buying something like a suit.  Here is my favorite place to shop online for suits.

www.Yoox.com   – Take a look at Yoox’s selection.
Jos. A Bank – Free Shipping On All Orders Over $175

Once you buy your suit make sure you get it tailored.  This part is key to having the suit look custom made for your body.

Have a question feel free to email at twintaylors@gmail.com

 Taylor… Fashion Consultant

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10 Responses to “Looking Sharp in a Suit!”

  1. marc Says:

    great article!

  2. Ken Walker Says:

    Nice. But, all of these photos have all of the jacket buttons buttoned…I thought that was a major fashion faux-pas?

  3. Carlos Says:

    I agree with the three buttons, you should only button the middle one.

  4. fashionconsultant Says:

    I agree with both of you. You should never have all the buttons buttoned while wearing your suit. It is just a picture trying to show the number buttons on the suit. -Taylor

  5. slash Says:

    if am a 6ft tall guy with a bit of bulge, what suit should i go for 3 button or 2 button. I will be wearing it for work and a wedding both.

  6. jack Says:

    What is the proper suit jacket length? What is the popular style? longer or shorter?

  7. fashionconsultant Says:

    The proper suit jacket length would depend on your size and height. You will want to get your suits tailored to you. When you put on a suit jacket if you put your arms down to your side the sleeves should come down 1 inch below your wrist line. Your suit plants you only have 1 wrinkle at the bottom on your pants. The 3 button suit is really in right now. You always want to buy longer than shorter so that you can get it tailored shorter to fit just right.

  8. mylesnm Says:

    Look out, 2 button classsic Italian design is coming back strong and if you want to add a bit of english. Go with Double side vents and Peaked Lapels.
    At NELSON WADE®, ( http://www.nelsonwade.com )they can make a custom handmade bespoke suit. Maybe, Dark Navy Blue with a silver greay chalk stripe to say “yeah, baby!” ( You got to have an english accent…..)

  9. Noel Says:

    These jackets are cut too short. The bottom of a suit jacket should be equal to the length of the arm at you side down to the base of the fingers. These look decidedly feminine.

  10. Alex Says:

    I know these are old, but a few wrong ideas in these comments.

    Not sure where Noel learned that the bottom of suit jacket should come to your finger tips, but that is decidedly wrong; you’re going to look like awkward as hey-diddle. Don’t believe me? Try it on and look in the mirror.

    A good rule for buttons (if you have three): Always 1, sometimes 2, never three.

    And by ALWAYS, I mean, always when you’re wearing it buttoned. It doesn’t mean always button one. Two just depends on the situation and your comfort. 3 is a never.

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