7 Fashion Fau Pas for Men

7 men’s fashion fau pas that no man should be seen
commiting in public.

1. Socks with Sandals  – No man should be caught wearing socks with sandals.  If you wearing sandals leave the socks at home.
2. Sneakers with dress pants.  –  If your wearing dress pants match the outfit with dress shoes.  Too many men are wearing dress pants with clunky white shoes.3. Baggy Clothes – Try finding jeans and shirts that actually fit you.  Baggy pants went out of style in ’92.  You have to love the guys who sport xxxl shirts that hang down to their knees.
4. Bright colored Sneakers – Florescent Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple Shoes shoes be banned from Sneaker colors.  All bright colored shoes are just tacky no matter what your wearing. The only thing they are good for is stopping traffic. 
5.  Pants without a belt –  Please complete the outfit.  Wearing jeans or dress pants with out a belt is so sloppy.  A belt helps tie the outfit together.  Without a belt the outfit just look incomplete.
6. Sunglasses at night – Self explanatory.  No sunglasses should ever be worn at night.  Sunglasses are made to block the sunlight, not the florescent light at the bars.
7.  Sagging Pants –  There is nothing more hideous than seeing a guy’s torn up boxer shorts hanging out from a wanna-be gansta JNCOs. Buy a pair of pants that fit around your hips, not your knees.Have other men’s fashion faupaux. Post a comment

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