Introduction to Men’s Fashion


Welcome to your online Fashion Consultants. This blog will be dedicated to providing men with fashion tips and advice on what and what not to wear.  This blog is to help out those Men who never know what to wear, where to buy, when to wear it, how to wear it and most importantly, why to wear it.  Those of you guys wearing black shoes and sportin’ a brown belt…you know who you are, this blog is for you.  I will cover a variety of topics from whats in style to why women are attracted guys who dress well.  I will give opinions on what designer brands are in and what trendy looks are hot for 2006.

This blog is dedicated toward men’s fashion so if you have any questions about men’s fashion send an email to and I will include it in my next blog.

For those of you who know me personally, I am the guy who everyone calls when they need fashion advice.  The guy who wears expensive designer jeans that receive compliments every where I go… and you still give me a hard time about how much I spent on them.  When was the last time a girl complemented you on your loose fitting wranglers.  Men call it Metro-Sexual, women refer to it as well dressed men.

“Dress to impress and you will be set for success.”

Chris Taylor… Your Fashion Consultant 

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