Sexy Fashion Shows

After browsing through YouTube’s Men’s fashion videos I was a little disappointed with the men’s fashion shows.  I did however find a few that I did enjoy.  I always love watching good fashion shows, it gives me inspiration in my own fashion. Enjoy!!!

Here were my favorties: 
Dolce and Gabbana Men’s Fashion Show 
Valentino Fashion Show SS07

Bonus Video:  One of the sexiest Victoria Secret Fashion Shows ever.
Victoria Secret Fashion Shows 

Post your favorite fashion shows, by commenting below.

Taylor… fashion consultant

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How to stay fashionable without breaking the bank!!!

Here are a few things you can do to do keep up with the fashion and still have money to take out the girls that you picked up at the bar / nightclub. 

First thing first, find what types of clothes you are wanting to buy.  Search for them in stores and internet clothing sites.  You must first know what you are looking for and the clothes you want to purchase. 

Once you have selected the clothes you are trying to purchase you need to watch out for the sales in stores. Most stores have seasonal sales and special sales during holidays.  Find out when the next sale is going to be and make sure you hit up the stores during the sale.  A great tip is to sign up for any newsletters or mailing lists for all of your favorite stores.  They will typically email or snail mail you a reminder and an additional coupon for being on their mailing list.  Express for Men does an excellent job with sending out coupons in the mail promoting their sales.  They always send a nice 15 -20% coupon along with the Sale reminder.

As for online stores you should find out the sales by emailing them and checking back regularly to their website.  You can also sign up for their monthly newsletters. Typically they will include a coupon or two every few weeks to get you to purchase something.  You can also search for online coupon websites that offer random clothing coupons.  Most of the time online stores will give affiliates website that can’t be found on their website.  Here is an online coupon site that I use for every online purchase.  

Tip:  These coupon websites can also be used for buying anything online.  You can save hundreds of dollars by using these if you buy as many items online as I do. 

Taylor… fashion consultant

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Here is a prime example of what not be caught with out in public if you are tying to be fashionable.  As for as I am considered tie-dyed shirts should not be worn in public.  This picture was submitted by an anonymous person of her husband on their honeymoon.  I guess since they are on their honeymoon and they don’t know anyone so it OK.  If it wasn’t on their honeymoon here are the things I have to comment on.

1.  The tie-dyed Dead shirt does nothing for upper body.  Since it is in Hawaii and its usually hot outside stick to a nice collared shirts.  Stay way from the Hawaiian print t-shits.
2.  Wearing board shorts when not swimming is definitely not fashionable and it doesn’t match the shirts.  The colors are all over the color palette.
3.  The rainbow sandals aren’t working for him either. 

Hopefully this helped explain why men shouldn’t wear tie-dyed shirts.  It just brings the wrong type of attention to yourself when it comes to fashion.

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Fashionable / Unfashionable Moments?

Have you seen something that’s fashionable / unfashionable recently?

Send us a picture, with a message explaining what’s fashionable or unfashionable about it, to

We will post these images to the blog and comment on the clothes and styles along with your comments.  Maybe your not sure if an outfit is fashionable or not, send it to us and we will comment on it for you.  Please let us know if you would not like us to post it to our blog.

– Taylor  fashion consultant

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Look and Smell the part.

If you going to dress nice you better be smelling good as well.  Whether you are headed to work, on a date, a business event, or into the city looking good isn’t the only thing you must worry about.  Here are the top 5 picks for men’s cologne.

1. Very Sexy by Victoria Secret

2. Happy by Clinique

3. Acque di Gio

4. Dolce and Cabbana

5. Curve by Liz Ciaborne

Click here for more Men’s Cologne.

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Men’s Fashion Jeans Reviews – Joes Jeans

Joes Jeans Review:

Joes Jeans are the hottest newest jeans out on the market. They have a great variety of tight fitting jeans in a variety of styles. The Joes Jeans style is unique, sleek and attractive.  Well worth the money.Fits:
Joes Jeans have 5 different fits: Classic, Brixton, Rebel, Rockers, Trouser.

Joes Jeans has a variety of styles for each fit.

Classic: Rawdestroy Classic Fit, Gallager Classic Fit, Sly lassic Fit, Davis Classic Fit

Brixton: Raw Brixton Skinny Rocker

Rebel: Ella Rebel Relaxed Fit, Davis Rebel Relaxed fit, Sly Rebel Relaxed Fit, Rebel Relaxed fit

Rockers: Stewart Hand Stitched Rocker, RawDestroy Metal Waistband, Isaacs Asymetrical Isaacs, Weller Metal Waistband, Stewart Rocker Boot Cut, RawDestroy Rocker Slim Fit, Isaacs Rocker Hand Stitched

Trouser: Darkbrown, Militarygreen Twill Trouser, Raw Destroy Trouser

Joes Jeans prices range from $158 – 284 online at  

TwinTaylors Favorites:

Stewart Rocker Boot-Stewart Hand Stitched-Raw Destroy Trouser

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