Summer Time Fashion

Summer is a great time for fashion both for men and women.  After being wrapped up in sweaters, scarves and long sleeved clothes its time to show a little skin.  Women are showing off their sexy bodies in fabulous swimsuits and bikinis and Men are starting to unbutton and open up their shirts.  Get outside and get some color so you can start showing off your sexiness.  Just show enough skin to get womens’ attention but leaving them begging for more.

Here is a great website for fashion, lifestyles and hot trends this summer.   Personally I would leave the scarf at home with this look.  Here are my picks for some HOT SUMMER TRENDS.

– Taylor…your fashion consultant

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More Fashion Advice

Men's FashionBeing in the Fashion Game is a tough business.  I am talking about keeping up with all the fashion designers, fashion shows, fashion modelsfashion trends, and most importantly your fashion clothes

If your into fashion you know what I mean.  One minute your hot designer jeans and shirts go from chic to geek in less than a year.  I find my self buying clothes every 6 months to keep up with the fast changing clothing industry.  My advise is to find the hot designers and get them early and rock them for as long as your can, at least until you find the next hottest designers out there.  Here is a fashion designer guide to take a look at.

You can always trust reliable designers out there that have been around awhile.  Gucci, Prada, D&G, and Versace are excellent designers that consistently come out with great clothing lines every season. You will never see these brands go out of style. For more Fashion Advice visit

– Taylor

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Men’s Fashion Jeans Reviews – True Religion Jeans

 True Religion Jeans Review:

True Religion Jean have some very unique and trendy jeans.  They have a great variety of styles and distressed looks in their jean line from the multiple patched look to distinct fraying.

True Religion Jeans doesn’t have a variety of fits, they are more tailored to tall and skinner guy but they do have lots of sizes.
The size range is  Men’s waist size 28 – 38. 

True Religion has a variety of styles.  They are all names which is cool way to classify jean styles.

Billy, Bobby, Jimmy, Joey, Marco Mick, Ryan and Vinnie.

There are 4 different styles of washes:  Everything from distressed, rusty, bleached, patched to dark and classic.

Bleached, Bleached Destroyed, Cowboy Destroyed,

Dark Aged, Dark Miner, Dark Vintage, Destroyed,

Dusty Trail, Easy Rider, Muddy Waters, Raw, Saddleback.

Medium Clearwater, Medium Hand Sand , Medium Pony Express, Medium Premium, Medium Vintage.

True Religion Jeans prices range from $185 – 363 online at  

The lower end prices are reasonable around the 215 mark but as you get up into the 3 hundreds I don’t see much difference.

TwinTaylors Favorites:
    Bobby Big T:             Joey Big T:           Andy Indigo:
     Dusty Trail              Clearwater             Destroyed

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Men’s Fashion Jeans Reviews – Diesel Jeans

Diesel Jeans Review:

Diesel Jeans have some of the best jeans out there on the market.  They have a great variety of fits, styles and washes that you can mix and match when buying their jeans.  The Diesel style is very unique and attractive.  Well worth the money.

Diesel Jeans have 3 different fits regular slim, regular and comfort.

Diesel has a variety of styles for each fit.

Regular Slim: Levan, Zathan, Shazor, Lugger, Onijo, Zavor, Fraco, Bethow and Yarik

Regular: Moorix, Lemmen, Paddom, Woodley, Woodley Classic, Koffha, Kajo and Murran

Comfort: Arker F.P. Kuratt, Pike, Pretto and Braddo

Diesel has a variety of washes.  Everything from distressed, rusty, faded to sheek.
  * These are just a few of Diesel Washes.

Diesel Jeans prices range from $115 – 215 in Diesel stores. 

Online Stores like has the pricing ranging from 68.00 – 190.00.
 You can definitely save some money by buying Diesel Jeans online.
 TwinTaylors Favorites:

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Taylor… fashion consultant

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