What to wear to a NightClub!

If your going to a nice night club in a big city like; Denver, New York, Chicago, or Las Vegas, there are certain guidelines you must consider.  First of all, most of them have a dress code.  No sandels, no white shoes, no hats, no t-shirts, and for nicer clubs, no jeans.  If its a nice club wear a pair of slacks or a light pair of dress pants, because clubs tend to get hot with all the people in a tight area.  Always wear a nice pair of dress shoes or some fancy loafers.  Also wear a collared shirt, leave the aerosmith t-shirt at home.  Always over dress, there is nothing more frustrating then getting to a club and not getting let in by the doormen because of your clothes. 

The reason behind a dress code it that the club is trying to portray a certain look, environment and culture in their establishment.  AskMen.com has some more advise on how to pick the right club for your style and how to get into the clubs with the long lines.  Dressing nice as well impresses women because if you can dress they figure you have your life in control. 

Fashion Tip: A fancy shirt gives women a converation starter by being able to comment on your shirt.

– Taylor … your fashion consultant

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21 Responses to “What to wear to a NightClub!”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Hey im turning 21 in 3 days and im going to a fancy night club in washington d.c what should i wear

  2. fashionconsultant Says:

    I would suggest wearing a nice pair of jeans ( or slacks) a button down t-shirt, a nice blazer if you have one and a sharp looking pair of dress shoes. It your birthday go out and pick up a new shirt or blazer for the occation. Have fun, I would advise you to wear a bucket around your neck since your turning 21 but that wouldn’t be very fashionable. – Taylor

  3. Matt Says:

    I’m going to vegas in a few days. I’ve bought a sport coat (ralph lauren , 2 button, athletic cut) t-shirts with prints, jeans that are fashionable, button up long sleeves stripped and pure white..My question is..how do I know if I’m over dressed to go out in Vegas clubs or if I’m underdressed..I dont’ want to sport the coat with a printed t-shirt if it’s not gonna go well..Thanks.

  4. fashionconsultant Says:

    In vegas you really can’t be to dressed up. I would try on each shirt with your sport coat, just make sure between the suit and the printed shirt that it is not to busy. Trust me, wearing a sport coat in Vegas you won’t be to dressed up. You can always check your sport coat at the door if you choose to start dancing. Oh yeah, one more thing have fun in Vegas.
    – Taylor

  5. Farennikov Says:

    I’m going to Vegas in 3 weeks, and want to look cool and get some femail attention. What should I do?

  6. Jason Says:

    Hi guys, i am 18 and want to look alot older, any advice would be helpful.

  7. yo Says:

    you’ll look hot anyway

  8. TQ Says:

    What about shirt colors?
    Would white be a bad colored shirt to wear in a club?

  9. KM Says:

    I am going to a bachelore/bachlorette party with my girl and a bunch of other couples we are going to a comedy club in NYC and then to a club dancing I was thinking about wearing a button down shirt with a pair of jeans and shoes is this good enough to gt me into a club or should I wear khakis?

  10. hailie Says:

    I am in my 40’s and just divorced. My friends invited me to a club this week, I have not been to a club to dance (salsa) in over 5 years. I want to have a good casual look for the club but i don’t want to dress as if I’m twenty ish, i need help quickly..

  11. quest Says:

    miami, fl

    but u shuld drop me a line, id tell u if u shud go or not.

  12. Mossimo Says:

    Hey Its our acquintace party and the theme is Club party. What attire would be best?

  13. Michael John Says:

    I’m going to on broadway in san Diego and the poster says Christmas in July. Naughty or nice themed. And the after all the regular info not on the poster it says please dress to impress and I have no idea on what to wear

  14. mohak Says:

    hey, i m going to a party tomorrow and i need suggestion what to wear
    the dress code is simply written as a ‘DRESS TO IMPRESS’.

  15. Vinny Says:

    I am planning to go to a club in AC but have no idea hwat to wear. Any help will be appreciated.

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