Twin Taylors – Your Fashion Consultants

Welcome to your Fashion Consultants. This blog will be dedicated to providing men with fashion tips and advice on what and what not to wear.  This blog is to help out those Men who never know what to wear, where to buy, when to wear it, how to wear it and most importantly, why to where it.  Those of you guys wearing black shoes and sportin' a brown belt…you know who you are, this blog is for you.  I will cover a variety of topics from whats in style to why women are attracted guys who dress well.  I will give opinions on what designer brands are in and what trendy looks are hot for 2006.

7 Responses to “Twin Taylors – Your Fashion Consultants”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Hi! I`m 18 years old guy from Moscow, Russia. I`m always having problems while choosing jeans for myself. And there aren`t good Russian resources, where I can find advises.
    Well, I don`t have perfect body. I`m not fat, but still have problems. I have comparatively thick legs (in their higher part) and also not small… eeeh… back. So I`d be happy to know, what fashion of jeans should I choose? Help me, pliiiizzz:)

  2. Andres Hernandez Says:

    is ok to wear a white with brown striped button shirt with dark color blue jeans and a tan blaze.

  3. fashionconsultant Says:

    I personally would have to see it all put together but based on the colors I think it would look nice and fashionable.

  4. Taylor Combs Says:

    Hi. I just have some trouble with double shirts. I heard using 2 shirts is very in right now, like using a shirt in place of a sweater. Any tips on that? I also have problems with the colors I should use while doing the 2 shirt style, like what colors should be the main shirt in the front and the one in the back. Thank you.

  5. fashionconsultant Says:

    Double shirts were in for a little awhile. I caught myself a few times sporting that look. It only works if the shirts were very simular in type. It also depends on the colors, you have to make sure the two colors go with each other. I would typically say keep the darker color on the outside. Hope this helped. – Taylor

  6. annie Says:


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  7. Rebecca Says:

    Hi, I’m the wife off a very handsom italian husband, now we all know that italian men can b short well mine is. I need help finding jeans to fit really well, he has really nice legs, a nice butt and is a size 30 waist. When we buy his jeans they are allways baggy on his bum and thighs when they r Spose to b tighter and then when we get them taken up they look like bugGy at the bottom not straight kinda flared looking. This is really bugging me what do I do? Do you know where I can find hot fashionable jeans in short leg style.for him

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