How To: Tie a Tie

How to Tie a TieHave you ever needed someone else to tie your tie for you?  

If so, here is a must read HOW TO: Tie a Tie.  There are many ways to tie your tie, there are simple konts and fancy knots.  My favorite is the Windsor.  Find one that you like and learn how to tie it.  After you learn it practice, practice, practice. 

Here is a great site that shows you how to tie your tie in a various amount of ways.

Tying a Tie is half the battle in looking good in a suit.  Cuffs, collars and dimples are also something you need to consider.  Here is an excellent website with some additonal pointers on all things suits.


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Fashion Tip: Lengthen your jeans

If your jeans are shrinking on you length wise after washing them a few times you can stretch them out so it doesn’t look like your waiting for a flood to come through.  Short jeans are very unfashionable.

First wash your jeans in cold water.  Then hold them by the seems of the jeans and pull on the bottoms of the jeans for a few minutes to lengthen the jeans.  You can typically get another 1.5 to 2 inches depending on the jeans. Finally hang them up to dry.  For best results attach clips on the bottom of the jeans with a little weight to help pull the jeans while drying.

Taylor… fashion consultant

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