Men’s Fashion Jeans Reviews – Diesel Jeans

Diesel Jeans Review:

Diesel Jeans have some of the best jeans out there on the market.  They have a great variety of fits, styles and washes that you can mix and match when buying their jeans.  The Diesel style is very unique and attractive.  Well worth the money.

Diesel Jeans have 3 different fits regular slim, regular and comfort.

Diesel has a variety of styles for each fit.

Regular Slim: Levan, Zathan, Shazor, Lugger, Onijo, Zavor, Fraco, Bethow and Yarik

Regular: Moorix, Lemmen, Paddom, Woodley, Woodley Classic, Koffha, Kajo and Murran

Comfort: Arker F.P. Kuratt, Pike, Pretto and Braddo

Diesel has a variety of washes.  Everything from distressed, rusty, faded to sheek.
  * These are just a few of Diesel Washes.

Diesel Jeans prices range from $115 – 215 in Diesel stores. 

Online Stores like has the pricing ranging from 68.00 – 190.00.
 You can definitely save some money by buying Diesel Jeans online.
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