Summer Styles: What’s HOT in Men’s Fashion

Now with summer starting for most of us, I thought I would give my opinions on what to wear for summer. 

Summer equals Shorts, Short Sleeve Shirts, Sandals and Sunglasses.  Its time to start bringing out last years summer wear…or most likely buying new summer clothes for the nice weather that is upon us.  Let’s start from bottom to top on summer wear, Sandals. 

Photo: Daniel Billett

Sandals are an essential for summer.  There are many styles of sandals out there so I will just recommend a few acceptable styles and a few un-acceptable styles.  The casual flip flop, the designer leather sandal, and the Jesus sandals are all good choices.  The ugly Velcro strapped sandals, the sports tivas, and the hideous bright colored Crocks are out of the question.  Fashion Advise, never wear socks with sandals. It’s a fashion crime in my book.

Next up, Shorts.  With the cargo pockets and the casual 4 pocket shorts you really can’t go wrong.  I take that back.  Stick here neutral colors like tan, navy blue, and light khaki.  Maybe throw in a light printed camo-print cargo short to your collection.

Short sleeve shirts are tricky to buy because of the vast amount of different styles, prints and colors.  Style is up to you, find a style that fits what you are trying to portray, whether it’s trendy, sporty or classic.  Soft prints are the way to go, not just your normal collared blue shirt, find a shirt with a little design to it.  Find colors that match your skin tone and experiment a little this summer.  Try new styles. prints and colors that you have never tried before.

Sunglasses are more than just keeping the sun out of your eyes.  Shades are a huge fashion piece.  Find a pair of Sunglasses that fit your face as well as block the rays from the sun.  Here is a great article about what style of sunglasses are out this summer.  Sunglasses for Summer

Taylor… your fashion consultant

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