Men’s Fashion Jeans Reviews – Five Four Jeans

Five Four Jeans have an incredibly stylish and sophisticated look.  Five Four Jeans have an excellent selection of fashionable jeans with a perfectly distressed appearance,  not too bland and not all torn up.  Their jeans are paper thin and have a very light denim feel which makes them the softest jeans I ever worn.  The comfort factor mixed with the very stylish look makes Five Four Jeans a must have for your jean collection. 

 Fits: Five Four Jeans have 4 different fits:

    Cousteau (Boot)        Drake (Relaxed)     Magellan (Straight)       Marco (Slim)

Waist: 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 all have a 32 inseam
Waist: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 all have a 34 inseam


Five Four Jeans has a variety of styles for each fit.  Five
Four Jeans have lots of different distressed and faded
washes with unique features and looks in a selection of colors.

Cousteau: Andy Johan, H Walt, Dee The 60’s, Buckle Prague Dres Jonah, H the 60’s, Dee Walt,
and Eman Yokohama

Drake: Eman Milan, Andy Sunshine, Eman Milan, Dres Reg Caine, Buckle Classic Winkles, Dres Classic Sky,
David Hong Kong, Dee Hong Kong, H Porter, Dres Wrinkles, Dres Havana, Dres Roma, Buckle San Fran, H Richie, H Vail, Ryan Roma, Combat Raw, Dres Porter, Dres Shanhai, H Sky, Dres Reflect, Andy Sky, H Alps, Ryan Wrinkles, and David Black Denim

Magellan: Dee Raw, Dee Combat Raw,
Andy Jonah, Dres Raw, Big E Raw – Aqua, Big E Raw – Red, Big E Raw – White, Big E Raw – Purple, H Alagem, H Sky, Big E William, H The 60s, H Scooby, Dres Classic Rio, Buckle Classic Havana, Dres Shanghai, H Porter, Ryan Brown Spots, Ryan Navy Spots, H Raw Black, Andy Istanbul, Dee Shanghai, Dres Classic Shanghai, Buckle Classic Reflect, Buckle Caine, Ryan Raw, Ryan Roma, Dres Eddie, Buckle Jonah, H Havana, Combat Raw, Eman Capri, Dee Raw, Ryan Black Spots, and H William

Marco: Dee Luis, Dres Raw, Dee Del Rey, Dres Walt, and Dee Raw.


Five Four Jeans prices range from $118 – 165 online at  

TwinTaylors Favorites:
 Andy Jonah – Boot                       H The 60s – Boot                  H William – Straight 

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2 Responses to “Men’s Fashion Jeans Reviews – Five Four Jeans”

  1. Fear Says:

    Спасибо. То, что нужно ))

  2. John Callaghan Says:

    Men’s designer clothing really is on the up with a lot more men taking as much, if not more time in clothes shopping than women. The only difference is, is that a majority of men shop on-line for their fashion brands as you can only get this season’s fashion in the cities and big towns through my own experience. Also when you do make the trip to the city clothes shopping, the prices are sky high. That’s what makes the on-line shop the best place ( in my opinion ) to buy your top brand designer wear. One thing that you do have to be is cautious whilst shopping on-line as there is a lot of fakes out there. A lot of fakes can be found on ebay. My advice would be, don’t shop on ebay unless it is from an ebay shop which you can see is well used and has 100% feedback or very close to 100% with over 100 items sold. I say this because ebay is flooded with fakes and a lot of the time individual sellers may open an ebay account just to sell their batch of dodgy clothing and then close after a month leaving you with dodgy or fake clothing and no chance of a refund.
    When on-line shopping for your men’s designer clothing you often find cheaper prices from smaller online stores, this is not always the case but can often be. The thing to do, to legitemise these company’s would be to check out their website closely and see if their is anything that identifies the clothing that they are selling, such as listed art/apt numbers for each item being sold. This is good as any potential purchase item can be checked out by typing into google the art/apt number of item, then you will see the product appear, hopefully on the brands own web page. Its good then to check composition of item is same as described by shop as well as general look of garment. Also only use sites with clear contact info including phone number and business address. Even better again is to call phone number before you purchase and ask all the questions you wish to no about company and clothing you are looking to buy. You will 9 times out of 10 be able to get your high end men’s designer clothing for a lot cheaper if you search the smaller on-line stores. But always check out who you are buying from.

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