Accessorize with Ties

Ties are great accessories for suits.  The tie really pulls a great suit together.  When you are looking for a tie in your collection to wear with your suit you always want to match your tie with your shirt color.  If your shirt is white pick a tie with some color that matches the rest of your attire.  If you have a colored shirt pick a tie with colors in the same color palate with your shirt.  If you have a busy shirt, meaning you have stripes or a design on your shirt pick a solid color tie that matches.  If you have a solid colored shirt, you have the choice of a solid color like a nice solid black tie or a pattern style tie.  When picking out new dress shirts pick out a tie with you are shopping so you have the shirt with you and the ties to match the color.

Signature Yellow with Blue Deco Tie

Purple Plum by Elite Solid purple silk ties

Regimental Pencil Stripe Tie Long Length

Scarlet Red by Elite Solid red silk ties

Find more ties and other accessories at JoS A. Bank

For more fashion advise check out

Taylor… fashion consultant

7 Responses to “Accessorize with Ties”

  1. Matthew Christiansen Says:

    Picking a good tie is important, but so is the right kind of tie knot. My brothers and I have built a website that show how to tie the 15 different tie knots. This includes not only step by step instructions but also diagrams. This could really help some of your users.

  2. mylesnm Says:

    TOO COOL! I have buddy allways asking about how to tie a tie.
    NELSON WADE® has great Italian Silk handmade neckties.
    ( ) They also make custom handmade casual and dress shirts from variety of colors and patterns.

  3. Vince Says:

    there are so many types of ties… it’s real easy to get a good one

  4. Karl Mayer Says:

    I didn’t know this. It seems too good to be true.

  5. Says:

    Not just ties are great to accessorize. Bow ties and pocket squares are quite fashionable too!!!

    Shop for neckties at:

    One of the easiest and cheapest ways to change your look of suit and tie is by changing your necktie. A great wardrobe using only alimited budget would be:
    2 suits: (charcoal gray, and dark blue)
    8 shirts: (3xplain white, 2x light blue, 1x light yellow, 1 checkered pattern, 1 striped pattern)
    10 ties: striped, solid color, fine patterns.

  6. Ties Shop Says:

    It is less expensive to change your tie regularly than change your suit, for sure! You look different every day. is another great tie shop. Also information about tie knots.

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