Men’s Fashion Shirt Reviews – Affliction Clothing

Affliction Clothing Shirt Review:


Affliction has very stylish trendy look in every graphical printed shirt.  They have a very trendy gothic look in all their button up shirts to short and long sleeve graphic tees.  Affliction t-shirts are what all the celebrities are wearing in Hollywood.  Most of their shirts have graphics of skulls, crosses and other dark images.  Their shirts are really only for out on the town, they wouldn’t quit fit in at the work place.  A little prices but then again it pays to look like the celebs. 

Affliction shirts have graphic t-shirts with a variety of sizes.  Most of their shirts are for a muscular tight fit. 

Affliction shirts have a variety of different patterns and styles with their graphic tees which are very unique.  Most of the clothes are very dark colors and styles but very edgy. 

Affliction shirts range from $69 – 100 online at

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4 Responses to “Men’s Fashion Shirt Reviews – Affliction Clothing”

  1. Veronica Says:

    This line is great. I bought so much from here for my boyfriend..its unique.

  2. Jessica Says:

    i like these too very diffrent

  3. Affliction Clothing Reviews and Coupons » Trendy Clothing Reviews Says:

    […] Metro-Sexual Guide to Men’s Fashion – They have presented an unbiased review of Affliction Clothing. Basically, they talked about the fits and the styles that Affliction Clothing has to offer, […]

  4. Jim Janeczko Says:

    i like your design n idea. thnks for the post.

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