Fashion Police at a Business Conference

Business Men in SuitsAt a recent conference in Houston, TX, I was very disappointed with the attire for many of the men.  All of them were business professionals but had no clue on what to wear and what not to wear in a business environment.  When doing business with someone, first impressions are everything.  At a business conference you are selling yourself and your business.  If you are confident in what you wear it shows in your confidence about your business. I am not saying that business men who can’t dress aren’t great businessmen because there are plenty of them out there.  I am saying they would be better businessmen if they presented themselves better with their attire.  Most of the business men wore a  blazer that didn’t match their slacks or had a tie that didn’t go with the slacks and their shirt.

When preparing for a conference think about the different situations and events that you will be attending.  Then prepare an outfit for each occasion and make sure that all your clothes and accessories match.  You can’t just through on a blazer for the cocktail hour and think its ok even if the blazer doesn’t match the outfit.  Please bring matching black shoes and belt or brown shoes and belt, I think miss-matched shoes and belt screams Fashion Police.

If you need some more business casual clothes take a look at my Men’s Fashion Website and find out where to buy nice ” in style” business attire.  Have questions about fashion, send me an email at TwinTaylors @

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2 Responses to “Fashion Police at a Business Conference”

  1. Ijon Says:

    Observations seen in the article are correct, however it takes more than just following of common set of rules to be able to dress as men should. Being gentleman is an attitude. It is not merely about putting on suit and matching in colors of tie and shirt, it is about being better than common people.

  2. Jeff Says:

    I agree. No reason one cannot only look the part of a business professional (nice suit, matching shoes and belt, professional looking tie…meaning no santa ties or football team ties, and stylish cufflinks), but that attitude is part of the entire “package”.

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