Celebrity Fashion – Timberlake vs Law

 Image from People Magazine
 Celebrity Fashion:  Justin Timberlake vs. Jude Law
 Justin Timberlake: Great looking suit.  The classic black suit, white shirt and black tie always looks classy.  The hat and the skinny tie have to go.  Accessories like hats should only be worn if they are complimenting the outfit. The skinny tie look will never be fashionable in my opinion.
 Jude Law:  Excellent pin-stripped blazer.  The blazer looks properly tailored and compliments his slim figure.  The undershirt just doesn’t do it for me.  Suit jackets and blazers should always be worn with a collared shirt.  The hat is not working for Jude either.
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 TwinTaylors Vote:  Jude Law

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3 Responses to “Celebrity Fashion – Timberlake vs Law”

  1. Allan Barger Says:

    Jude Law, hands down. I don’t want to be mean but Justin Timberlake looks kinda like a bum.

  2. Aaron Says:

    These are two examples of why some men don’t want to wear a hat. Both of these men need a little wider brim on the hat and they should wear it down where it belongs instead of pushed way to the back of their head.

  3. Vince Says:

    not a fan of the hats

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