Here is a prime example of what not be caught with out in public if you are tying to be fashionable.  As for as I am considered tie-dyed shirts should not be worn in public.  This picture was submitted by an anonymous person of her husband on their honeymoon.  I guess since they are on their honeymoon and they don’t know anyone so it OK.  If it wasn’t on their honeymoon here are the things I have to comment on.

1.  The tie-dyed Dead shirt does nothing for upper body.  Since it is in Hawaii and its usually hot outside stick to a nice collared shirts.  Stay way from the Hawaiian print t-shits.
2.  Wearing board shorts when not swimming is definitely not fashionable and it doesn’t match the shirts.  The colors are all over the color palette.
3.  The rainbow sandals aren’t working for him either. 

Hopefully this helped explain why men shouldn’t wear tie-dyed shirts.  It just brings the wrong type of attention to yourself when it comes to fashion.

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