Summer Time Fashion

Summer is a great time for fashion both for men and women.  After being wrapped up in sweaters, scarves and long sleeved clothes its time to show a little skin.  Women are showing off their sexy bodies in fabulous swimsuits and bikinis and Men are starting to unbutton and open up their shirts.  Get outside and get some color so you can start showing off your sexiness.  Just show enough skin to get womens’ attention but leaving them begging for more.

Here is a great website for fashion, lifestyles and hot trends this summer.   Personally I would leave the scarf at home with this look.  Here are my picks for some HOT SUMMER TRENDS.

– Taylor…your fashion consultant

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8 Responses to “Summer Time Fashion”

  1. Anon. Says:

    What is your stance on tanning in the sun and it’s effects?

  2. fashionconsultant Says:

    Go ahead a get a nice natural tan out in the sun. If your going to fake and bake don’t do it to much, an unnatural tan is very unpleasing to the eye. A tan will definitely incease the look of any light colored outfit. – Taylor

  3. esquirepeggy Says:

    Esquire is once again hosting the “Best dressed Real Man” competition in 2007. Prizes for winners include $5, 000 cash, a $5, 000 wardrobe, a free trip to NYC and an appearance on the today show. Signing up is free, easy, and takes two minutes…who knows? you could be the best dressed real man in America

  4. Anon Says:

    i was wondering what the collar on a polo shirt was for when i had the idea of wearing a summery scarf, possiby silk under the collar of a polo shirt, in a similiar fashion to that of a tie under a shirt. Also, being very slim of build, i prefer not to show too much skin.

    I plan on buying 2 polo shirts, one in pink and one in blue. Can you give any advice on colours of these scarves, or even if wearing the scarf is a good idea?

    N.B. I am 15 years of age, so something in my price range, seeing as i dont have a job.

    Many thanks, Anon

  5. fashionconsultant Says:

    I personally wouldn’t recommend a scarf. I would rather see a nice undershirt that matched the color of the shirt. Not the same color as the polo but a color that went well with it. I recommend polos from express. I think they are actaully on sale this week.

  6. Josh Says:

    About a week ago I was wearing a summer scarf…
    a lot of my friends were asking me why I was wearing a scarf, and I started to get really angry by their ignorance, they didn’t know the difference between a winter and a summer scarf, but I thought they had a name, do they ?
    thx for ur help !!!

  7. Cliff Angotti Says:

    Another Great blog post, I will save this in my Clipmarks account. Have a great evening.

  8. fashion style designer Says:

    Great article, i agree. It might want to share it at i came across recently. They might accept guest posts. Cheers

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