Accessories pull a man’s entire look together.  Everything from your watch to your belt helps complete the outfit.

Watches serve two purposes, style and time.  It is always important to know the time, but most of us men pull out our cell phones before we look at our wrist watch.  So then why do we wear watches?  Watches are for looks more than telling time now-a-days.  They portray the type of person we are from classy to sporty to even trendy.  Pick your style and buy a watch that fits your personality because women do notice the little things.  A man should always have a least two watches; a dressy watch and a casual watch.  Just like shoes you wear the appropriate watch for the occasion.  The dress watch should consist of silver of gold, a classy look with no bright colors for the face. 

The casual watch should fit your style whether it is sporty, trendy, fashionable, or sleek, make it your own.  This watch should tell people something about you.

Here are a few examples:

Fossil Textured Silver Dial - Womens Casual Leather Watch   Fossil Dish Digital - Black - Starck Watch    Fossil Silver Dial - Mens Metal Dress Watch

Belts and Buckles:  These accessories help with making the outfit flow from top to bottom.  Since every man should own a pair of brown and black shoes, they should also own a belt of both colors to match.  The reversible belts: great idea… horrible taste.  Buy two belts please.  The belt should be at least 1 inch wide, the skinny belts don’t help separate the pants from the shirt.  If you want to add a little class to your look add a chrome belt buckle to really make the look shine.

I hate to say it, but belt buckles are in style and are a great accessory. 

Hats are for all types of reasons, occasions and miscellaneous uses.  Hats can be for covering up your hair when you don’t feel like combing your hair or for when you’re headed to a ball game in the sun.  Hats are for purpose and style.  Make sure you hat is communication with your clothes.  Your hat must match what you’re wearing, in terms of colors, style and functionality.  There are all kinds of hats, find hats that work for you and add character to your outfit.

Want to learn more about Hats? Here is an excellent Fashion Hat Blog.

Try different styles of hats, some work well with different facial structures then others.  Hats are a cheap accessory. 

Now take some of this advice and start accessorizing. Finding the right accessories is difficult, but the time spent searching for the perfect accessories make a world of a difference.  Start creating your own style at  

Taylor…your fashion consultant

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    Gotta love this site. I’m going to purchase my cousin the Nixon Fluro! I hope he loves it.

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