Shoelaces Hold a Man Together

Shoes are a very important part of the style you are trying to achieve in an outfit.  Shoes portray the type of man you are to a woman.  Believe it or not, many women judge a man on his shoes.  Women check a man out from head to toe, ending at the shoes.  That is why the right shoes need to make a lasting impression, sending their eyes back up for a second look.  You only have a few seconds to capture their attention, don’t blow it with the shoes.

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that fit you and not just your feet. 
Different occasions require different shoes. I am not saying you need 50 pairs of shoes like women, you just a few different styles that are still in style.  Every man should have a least 5 pairs of shoes.

A nice pair of Athletic shoes – for playing sports and working out.  These shoes should only be worn when participating in sports or some type of activity.  These shoes can be worn during the summer when you out in the sun wearing shorts.  Never should they be worn out to dinner or a club.  They are considered eyesores in the evenings, especially at a bar.  Some clubs won’t even let you in if you’re wearing athletic shoes. 

A clean pair of casual shoes – for day events and wearing around the town.  These shoes should be very comfortable because these should be your main shoes.  The trick is to find a pair that is comfortable but still fashionable.  These shoes should not contain a lot of color.  They should be black or white.  If white, keep them clean.  They are many designers out there to choose from find a pair that match your style.

A casual pair of sandals. – for those nice days in the sun.  Sandals can be worn with shorts and pants.  The only place they shouldn’t be worn is to a formal occasion.

A pair of black dress shoes – for going out on the town.  These shoes should be worn on dates, to dinner, and to nice occasions.  I refer to these shoes as your power shoes, the female version of the high heel.  These are the shoes that are going to get girls attention at the bars. Trust me.  These shoes should be worn with a black belt and when wearing pants, never shorts.  Keep them shiny. 

A pair of brown dress shoes – very similar to the black dress shoes but they are for a more casual night on the town.  The black shoes are your power shoes, the brown shoes are your casual shoes.  These shoes should be worn on similar occasions as the black ones but only when wearing lighter colored materials.  A brown belt should also be worn while sporting your brown dress shoes.

 In a future blog I will discuss clothing color management, which will cover what colors should be worn with black accents or brown accents.  Accents referring to shoes and belts.

– Tails… Your Fashion Consultant

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4 Responses to “Shoelaces Hold a Man Together”

  1. Matt Says:

    I have seen this look worn before, but not sure if it’s risque or just bad taste:

    Black pants with tan shoes and a tan belt.


  2. TwinTaylor Says:

    I have seen the look you are referring to you but I don’t recommend it because even though it fits dress code guidelines it is poor taste.

  3. Cara Says:

    Speaking as a woman- i think it could look dashing. I get tired of the old pant pants black shoes mens look. women wear full blue outfits and hot pink shoes with a pink belt and it just gives a sense of pazazz

  4. Nike sb Says:

    you thought is good…nice post

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